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JSL is made of people, committed and dedicated that contributes directly to the development of the company. This is our great differential, so attracting, developing, valuing and retaining its professionals, to make them more and more qualified, is one of JSL’s priorities.

With a strong corporate culture, which is premised on being customer service, JSL develops continuous training programs, focused individual competencies and organizational values.

Work at JSL! Send your resume to rh@jsl.com.br or click here to view our vacancies (In Portuguese). Also follow us on LinkdeIn and stay inside everything that happens in our company.

“My work at JSL began in 1972 when the company acquired Transcofer, where I was a branch manager in Rio de Janeiro. I was able to work directly with Mr. Julio Simões, who in 1975 invited me to a challenge: to go to Salvador and manage an operation to set up a branch office, where I would stay for 40 to 60 days in Bahia. The challenge was so good that I have been working in Bahia for more than 40 years, growing along with the subsidiary and acting in the transportation and operations of the main industries of the state. I’m eternally grateful and honored to have had the privilege of working directly with the longing and eternal friend Mr. Julio Simões, as well as Mr. Fernando Simões, a great leader. We continue to evolve sustainably, understanding our customers to serve them better and better.”

Waldir Alves de SouzaBranch Manager
 – working for JSL since 1972

Nayra Caroline

“I started working at JSL at age 17 as a Young Apprentice. After 1 year, I was offered the position of administrative assistant, where I learned all the administrative part of the department where he worked. I am currently in charge of the “Você quer? Você pode!” Project. That tells the life story of Mr. Julio Simões and the history of JSL and this was very important for my professional growth, because I realized that they believe and trust the work I do in the company. At JSL, we are challenged every day to be better and go further. ”

Nayra Caroline Edeleoterio Ferreira – Social Project Analyst
– working for JSL since 2014

“When I first started working at JSL, I quickly identified myself with the company’s organizational culture. I can say that I am always engaged and based on the beliefs and goals of the company, which motivates me to be a differentiated professional. Feeling passionate about what I do in my daily life, I work willingly to do and grow with the company, having the commitment to meet and exceed the expectations of what is proposed to me.”

Ercio Gomes da Silva – Operational Training Coordinator
– working for JSL since 2003

Ercio depoimento
Simone Gonzales

“I joined JSL to work as a Continuous Improvement Analyst and I am currently a Compliance Coordinator. During my career I worked in some areas, such as: Customer Management, Integrated Management and People Management. Through my work at JSL, I was able to undertake some courses to improve my activities, always motivated by my direct managers and thinking about my evolution. Today, I feel flattered to work in the Area of Compliance, because through the performance of my activities I can support the perpetuation of the Company’s culture.”

Simone Gonzalez – Compliance Coordinator
– working for JSL since 2003

“Since I started working at JSL, I have been well received at JSL and today I have the pleasure and satisfaction to work at JSL. I always try to work in the best way and safety, because we will always be a company of great professionals who work with excellence. ”

Josiel Ferreira de Moraes – Bus driver
– working for JSL since 2015

depoimento Josiel
Viviane Rodrigues

“I joined JSL at age 18 as an office assistant with the task of outsourcing bank payment services. After two and a half years I was transferred to the financial area as an account payable assistant and with the development of my activities and opportunities that I received, I am currently General Manager of the Finance department. JSL is a school where every interested person acquires a very large luggage. I love working here and I thank God, my family and my managers, who have always believed in my potential.”

Viviane Rodrigues – General Manager of Finance
– working for JSL since 1993

“What gives us security to go beyond is the certainty of the capacity of our people.”

Fernando Antonio Simões – Chief Executive Officer of Grupo JSL

Administrative Headquarters

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Mogi das Cruzes – São Paulo
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Phone: +55 (11) 2377 – 7000

Dr. Renato Paes de Barros St, 1017
Itaim Bibi – São Paulo
ZIP 04530–001
Phone: +55 (11) 3154 – 4000

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