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In this section you will travel through our entire history and understand how it all started. The representation JSL has today is related to the conquest of new customers and the expansion of the company's activities. At a young age, Júlio Simões Transportadora began to identify opportunities to buy from competitors and expand its range of businesses. Thus, from the beginning of the 1970s onwards, a long and productive sequence of transactions was formed that, by leaps and bounds, broadened and deepened the activities performed. Today, from a small carrier, JSL started to operate in several areas of Logistics, becoming the largest logistics operator in the country.


1956 - How it all began

Our history began in July 1956 when the Portuguese immigrant Julio Simões founded Transportadora Julio Simões Ltda. (currently JSL) by acquiring its first truck and starting to transport produce from Mogi das Cruzes to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In the same year, he started to provide transportation services for the pulp and paper industry.


1970 - First acquisition

In 1970 the company made its first acquisition, Transcofer, a company that was three times larger, and by 1972 JSL already had a 42-truck fleet. With hard work and dedication, trust from financial institutions and committed people focused on delighting the customer, the company had a great growth cycle throughout the 70s.


1981 - A new legacy

At the age of 14, Fernando Antônio Simões, the youngest son of Mr. Julio, started working at JSL. He went through several areas and, in 1986, became operational director. Two years later he took over the commercial area of the company. At the end of the 1980s, the Group began its diversification, starting to operate in the leasing of light vehicles and chartering for the transportation of employees. Having credibility, delivery history, and focus on customer needs, JSL was able to take advantage of the large outsourcing cycle in the industries.


1990 - Like father, like son

In the early 1990s, Fernando Simões already shared the management of the company with his father and continued to diversify the business. This move aimed to add even more value to customers, increasing loyalty and differentiation from competitors and reducing customer concentration and dependence on activities and segments.


2001 - The turn of the millennium

In the 2000s, the company further expanded its range of operations and implemented services such as forestry operations and movement within its customers' industrial units. All these moves led JSL, already in 2001, to the leadership in the ranking in its segment, a position in which it has remained since then.


2006 - Foundation of the Institute

In 2006 Instituto Julio Simões was created with the objective of concentrating and improving all the social actions that have always been carried out by the founder and his wife to benefit the communities where we operate.


2010 - Opening in the new market

IPO in the Novo Mercado segment, the highest level of corporate governance at B3. This important step was part of the company's strategic planning as a way of expanding access to capital to sustain the business development cycle, contributing to the company's perpetuity and offering more security to customers who entrust the company with the execution of strategic activities.


2011 - Business expansion

JSL acquired Rodoviário Schio, the largest transportation and storage company for food at controlled temperatures in the country, and expanded its logistics services platform.


2020 - Only starting

In July 2020, the holding activity started to be carried out by SIMPAR, in order to direct and develop new businesses and operating segments and ensure the alignment of values, culture and management model. In the same year, JSL acquired 75% of the shares issued by Fadel. Founded in 2001, the company is among the 20 largest in the sector in Brazil. JSL also acquired Transmoreno. The company started its activities in 1978, it operates in the segments of “stork” trailers and automotive logistics, having two of the main vehicle manufacturers in its customer portfolio.


2021 - Accelerated growth

We went at full speed, we acquired one of the main logistics operators in Brazil, TPC Logística; the company specializing in the transportation of chemical gases, machinery, equipment and general cargo, Rodomeu; and the road freight carrier throughout Brazil and in the international market, Marvel.


2022 - The journey continues

For this year, we seek continuous growth, performing all services with the quality and excellence that only JSL can provide, because this is not the end of the story, we still have a long road ahead!

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