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Stay on top of the main logistics trends for the coming years

Autor: - 10 de Jun de 2022

Logistics is present in several market segments, it is important to be on top of the main trends to bring even more efficiency to the sector in your company!

Seeking productivity has always been the main objective of logistics. With the large flow of information that the sector deals with every day and the numerous operational processes, it is necessary to find ways to adapt to the rhythm of a market that evolves at every moment. We have a great ally for this: technological innovation

Therefore, since the first industrial revolution, between the 18th and 19th centuries, logistics management has been progressing along with the industry and its advances.

The implementation of new technologies is very important for the evolution of this sector, because in addition to making your management processes more efficient and productive, it also modernizes your company and guarantees competitive advantages.

For this reason, it is essential that managers stay on top of logistics news and trends for the coming years.

In today’s post, we are going to talk a little about it and show what has been gaining prominence in the area.


Process automation

One of the points that we need to keep in mind is that in logistics, as we mentioned earlier, the flow of information is large.

With an immense amount of data, it is necessary to keep it well organized, centralized and structured. For this, process automation is essential.

This process will integrate your company’s logistics sector systems, allowing some activities to be optimized.

In this way, it is possible to increase logistics efficiency, improve the accuracy and speed of delivery, and optimize time and space, in addition to helping to reduce costs, errors and even reduce the rate of accidents at work.


Investments in modes of transportation

Although Brazil is a country that is very dependent on road transportation, some logistics companies are realizing that air transportation can also help a lot, bringing more integrity and security to cargo, as well as more efficiency and agility in delivery. For this reason, the trend towards multimodal transportation is expected to increase over time.


Goods transportation technologies to improve delivery agility and efficiency

In the 80’s and 90’s, when people watched futuristic movies, they were always wondering what the means of transportation of the future would be like, both for locomotion and the delivery of goods.

Although there are still no flying cars as we imagined, several technologies are emerging that bring greater agility and efficiency to the delivery of products.

For example, conceived by Amazon, one of the largest retailers in the world, the technological advance with drones allowed delivery with this equipment to become a trend in the coming years, promising to reduce costs and further streamline the entire process, delivering before the stipulated deadline.

However, although many companies already use drones to deliver goods, it is important to study this mode on a large scale. They need to adapt to the weight of the product, the time in the air and, of course, the legislation.

In addition to that, another technology that may become a trend in the coming years is autonomous vehicles. Being tested on a small scale, they are capable of driverless operation. However, to get fully operational, it is necessary to overcome some obstacles, such as security.



Sustainability. This is a word we have been debating a lot in recent years. The impact of some actions on the environment, mainly the means of transportation, led to its contamination. To reduce these effects, several sectors are adapting and one of them is logistics.

Eco-logistics is the redesign of various processes in the area, from the storage of products to distribution and transportation, such as the adoption of hybrid or electric vehicles, whose main objective is to reduce the emission of polluting gases in the environment.

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